Happy New Year – Review

Farah Khan and Shah Rukh pair is back with yet another Diwali package. Om Shanti Om was released on the same festival day and rocked the box office.

Happy New Year is about a bunch of losers. They have a leader called Charlie. His father was put in jail and killed by Charan Grover. Charlie seeks revenge and prepares his team to steal the priceless diamonds from the safezone of Grover. Charlie’s angels fly to Dubai as participants from India for the World Dancing Competition. The diamonds are kept in a hotel where the dance competition is organized. How Charlie & co come across the hurdles and steal the diamonds?

King Khan flaunts with eight pack abs but it is no match to other two khans’. The hero is not in his usual spirit in this film. It is Abishek Bachan who scores ahead of him with lively attitude as Nandu. His performance  in another role called Vicky Grover has little scope. Boman Irani guarantees some rib tickling moments. As expected Sonu Sood has been included to show off his skin and the actor passes the test with some good acting. Rohan as hacker Vivaan is just an addition. Acting of Deepika Padukone is not upto the mark but full credits for her motivational speech. So funny.

Farah Khan would have wanted to present a colourful entertainer by compromising on logic and screenplay. But too much of silly sequences with jarring costumes in every alternate scence tests out patience without doubt. She found it very difficult to stretch this ‘entertainer’ for three hours without basic elements required for a fair commercial flick. The director repeats the show with silly comedies, competitive dance scenes (picturised in India and Dubai). Often we are forced to chant ‘Om Shanti Om’.

Shah Rukh and his friend Farah should understand that presenting an entertainer with festive atmosphere does not mean it should contain colourful costumes and stand up comedies. Cinema is something big and you should respect the audience who look for a fresh entertainer with atleast some basic ingredients. But sadly both of them took their fans for granted and went ahead with the project.

‘Manwa Laage ‘ is a pleasant number from the voice of Shreya Ghoshal. ‘Satakli’ is the next best. ‘India Waale’ is quite ok.

Couple of double meaning dialogues are funny. Cameo work of Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Daidani is a flop. Prabhu Deva brings cheers with a flash dance.

In total, Happy New Year is a below average show from Shah Rukh and Farah. Hope they understand entertainment is a serious business.