Shamitabh Review

The strong bonding between Balki and Big B continues again. They have come together with another interesting story titled Shamitabh. Dhanush steps up for the second time in bollywood after tasting success with Raanjhanaa.

Story of Shamitabh is about a cinema passionate Danish, a voiceless youngster. His valiant effort to meet the bigshots of Bollywood ends in no result. An assitant director called Akshara helps Danish to become an actor. But how to make him speak? For that they find out a person called Amitabh, the man who lived in dreams to achieve it big in Bollywood and failed miserably. Amitabh agrees lend his voice. Danish becomes a rocking star. The smooth sailing breaks up at a point due to ego clash between the two. How the drama unfolds further?

Balki has taken up a challenging subject and proves his mettle in the beginning stages. With a sterling performance Amitabh rules the stage one more time. Whenever Dhanush and Big B appear on screen it weaves a magic. The ace actor from the south leapfrogs from the peformance of  Raanjhanaa. Definitely it is not the highly electrifying act as we compare it with his previous flicks in Tamil. But definitely a laudable work when you consider him as a newcomer in Bollywood. Debutant Akshara Haasan could not deliver the best except in few occassions.

We have a promising pre interval session with some fabulous acting from the central actors. But the director fails to sustain the momentum after that with a wafer thin screenplay. Balki runs out of ideas as the film progresses towards the end. The climax is very normal. There are some notale flaws and the director skips the logics with ease.

Ilaiyaraja’s music is not upto the mark. ‘Piddly Si Baaten’ is hummable. PC Sreeram has done a fine job with his camera.

The downpoint of Shamitabh is the over dependancy of director Balki towards Amitabh just like what we saw in ‘Pa’. As a notable director he should not have escaped from his responsibilities especially in the screenplay of post interval session. He adds too much of water to the whiskey that leads to little ‘Kick’ in crucial moments.

Shamitabh can be watched for the thumbs up work from Dhanush and Amitabh. Hope the ‘director’ inside Balki holds the fort in his next project.