Velaikkaran Team Arrange Set Visit for Media, Students, Fans and Public

“A major portion of the story happens in a slum area where the hero and his friends are born, brought up and live.

I went and saw 10-15 real slums to observe their set ups and lifestyle and did extensive research on it. Then we started the set work, and it took around 50-55 days to just finish the set and get it ready for shooting. We actually created the whole locality where people of all kinds of labour and religion live. Each and every house will have a characterization and a purpose. We also made sure the houses and the locality are cramped to bring more realism. We used real garbage, used plastic bottles, plastic covers and many such items to bring out the authenticity of the geography. Said RD Raja

velaikkaran setWe also created a ‘Koovam’ around the locality to depict the lifestyle of a slum. The whole set was around 7.5 acres in area. We shot for around 50 days in this set. Without the producer’s immense support and co operation, this vision would not have been possible at all. Velaikaran will definitely take Sivakarthikeyan to the next level. Director Mohan Raja’s script, writing and detailing was fabulous. I am sure the audience will love and Velaikaran appreciate our monstrous efforts.”

Velaikkaran Set Visit for Media, Students, Fans and Public to start soon.

for Velaikkaran Set Making 360° Video