What is The Biggest Mistake in Baahubali?

BAAHUBALI -2 the much awaited movie of all times.The movie is well directed and Sincere greetings to Sir S.S.Rajamouli who put in his best efforts to make it even more grad than BAAHUBALI -1.

Story line up is simple to made magnificent and impressive.

Based upon my understanding this movie might break all the records held till date in Bollywood or Indian Cinema and it deserves too.

Amid of this huge success there were a few scenes in the movie which were hyperbole in contrast to what actually could have happened.I have stored few such events from the movie..

1. When Bahubali was climbing the hill, he was not wearing any shoes but when he reached the top of the mountain, shoes appeared magically on his feet.

2. As far as I have seen, a river of blood doesn’t rush out from a simple cut but Baahubali has extra blood in his veins, that’s why so much of blood is coming out from his cut.

3. In the last scene, the actress was wearing sleeved dress but in the next shot, she goes sleeveless to show off her tattoo!!And also in the previous shot BAAHUBALI had no tattoo on his hand and later got one.

4.The old man loses control while erecting the golden statue of Bhallala Deva but Prabhas saves his head by taking over the rope from him. Instead of tightening, the rope was so loosely held as they were just carrying the rope

Anyways we as an Indian audience should never take brains along while going for such hypothetical movies. Sometimes its the entertainment that matters more.

Thanks: Quora